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Integrated Internet sharing, Web accelerator, control & monitoring.


netMailshar, domain name, anti-spam, anti-virus, smtp, POP/IMAP

bkSMS - Application
Send SMS from your PC to any mobile
Receive SMS to your PC from any mobile


  • Keep your sales force informed of appointments/enquiries
  • Keep your clients informed of new products or services, promotions and news.
  • Confirm received orders/payment.
  • Ideal for businesses with networks of employees based in different geographical areas i.e. deliver information to area/store managers on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Send alerts and reminders to employees, clients, family and friends
  • Communicate instantly with individuals and groups via bulk text messaging


The Partial List of Beneficiaries

Companies can send SMS from their Desktop
- to Customers, Vendors, Executives, Branch offices etc
- be in touch with buyers and sellers

Banks can inform, remind, alert by SMS from a Computer to their;
- Account Holders, Borrowers, defaulters and to their staff and branch officers

Schools and Educational Institutions can send SMS from PC
- to parents about student performance,
- inform parents and teachers about meetings, holidays, events

Organisations can send SMS to their Members - announcements, reminders, alerts etc


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